“Watch this” Wednesday: Beauty on wheels

This is one that definitely falls under the category of distractions (see my blog’s tagline if you don’t know WTF I’m talking about).

We were trading funny videos and cool websites over on Murderati one day, and author Zoe Sharp passed along a link, with these comments. “If you want something that’s not necessarily a laugh, but startling, stunning, amazing and beautifully shot – plus a wonderful soundtrack, try the Danny MacAskill “Way Back Home” vid. Danny does things on a bicycle that will make you believe a man can fly.”

Of course, I had to go see what she was talking about, and you should too. Watch this:

There is a writing lesson in here, of course. It’s that pedal-to-the-metal commitment to the craft–and practice, practice, practice–can make something beautiful.


Recommended Read: Killer Instinct, by Zoe Sharp

Killer Instinct by Zoe SharpI’m supposed to be reading my George Elliot for book club (having bad flashbacks to English lit) and I’m really intrigued by Restless, by William Boyd, an author I have loved in the past.

But I was in the mood for some good old-fashioned action adventure and was pleased to see British author Zoe Sharp offering the first book in her Charlie Fox series, Killer Instinct, free on Kindle. I’ve read Zoe’s short story collection Fox Five and really enjoyed it, and I also like her posts on Murderati so I downloaded KI.

Really glad I did. Zoe is an excellent writer. A few of her pithy turns of phrase had me green with envy. I know I’ll go back and read KI with an eye to improving my own writing. But yesterday I was totally immersed in the story, glad of my cold so I had an excuse to stay in bed.

I finished last night at 2:30 and had a hard time not immediately starting book 2 in the series, Riot Act. (Damn early-rising kids.)

You can read my full review of Killer Instinct on Amazon or at GoodReads (same review).

If you like a good suspense story with lots of action, give Charlie a try.

Update: March 12, 12:36am. I just finished reading book 2 in the series, Riot Act, and it’s every bit as good, if not better, than Killer Instinct. I’ve already downloaded Hard Knocks, the next in this terrific series.