“Watch this” Wednesday: Gay Talese

Have you seen the New Yorker’s wonderful profile of journalist Gay Talese and his “underground think tank?” I loved hearing about his writing process and seeing how he collects and collages the memories of a lifetime.


New Yorker to serialize story on Twitter tonight

Just a quickie, folks.

Have you heard the news? The New Yorker is serializing a new short story by Pulitzer Prize-winning author Jennifer Egan on Twitter (@NYerFiction).

The first “chapter” of the futuristic spy thriller “Black Box” will hit the twitterverse tonight at 8-9 PM EST and the rest over the next ten evenings. The story will also appear in the magazine’s Science Fiction Issue, out Monday.

Here’s what Egan herself had to say about the story:

I found myself imagining a series of terse mental dispatches from a female spy of the future, working undercover by the Mediterranean Sea. I wrote these bulletins by hand in a Japanese notebook that had eight rectangles on each page. The story was originally nearly twice its present length; it took me a year, on and off, to control and calibrate the material into what is now “Black Box.”

This is both thrilling and scary to me. Finding new outlets for our work and new ways to connect with readers is great. But does this add even more pressure to produce content quickly and in copious amounts?

It’s an interesting experiment, taking the once-popular serial novel format to Twitter. I’ll be following along. Will you?