Inspiration for writers in Jack Layton’s final words

Award-winning photographer and art director Stuart Thursby has created a wonderful series of posters based on the inspiring messages in Jack Layton’s parting letter to Canadians, published two days before his death in August.

John “Jack” Layton was a Canadian social democratic politician who led his New Democratic Party to achieve the status of Canada’s Official Opposition for the first time in its history—a victory he enjoyed for three short months before his death to cancer.

July 18, 1950 – August 22, 2011

Layton was a career politician, one that made people believe it could still be a noble profession. He campaigned tirelessly for social justice causes, and earned admiration from people of all political stripes for his dedication to building a fairer Canada.

A couple of Thursby’s posters capturing Layton’s optimistic and hopeful words would make perfect Nanowrimo motivators. Ever a dreamer, I suspect Layton would approve.