Is there an echo in here?


Me and blogging——————————>

Yes, I’m dipping my toes* in the blog waters. What now? What do you say when no one is listening?

What if I sound stupid? I’ve started a million journals (mainly to feed a serious stationery addiction) and abandoned every single one because I cannot stand how self-absorbed I sound when I go back and read pages.  I will carefully cut out pages so I can start over with a fresh entry that will surely sound less whiney and more insightful.

So what am I doing starting a blog?

Because I’ve also started and abandoned roughly 20 books. That’s how many I count in my virtual “bottom drawer” file. Others have been deleted in frustration and despair, never to be counted. I have probably double that number of one page story treatments.

What derails me? Who knows. Laziness, lack of discipline, fear…..?

I hope the practice of regular blogging will help me become more disciplined and committed with my fiction writing.

I also want to explore the whole world of social media from a more participatory perspective to inform my work as a copywriter.

I’ve been making a living as a copywriter for 10+ years. That’s a long time telling other people’s stories (sometimes in other people’s voices).

My biggest insecuries now are . . .  Do I have any stories left of my own to tell? And what if being a good writer isn’t good enough? What if I’ve semi-mastered the craft but lack the gift of storytelling?

That brings us back to the The End again. If  I don’t get there I’ll never know the answers to those questions.

* Confession: those are not my toes.