Cowboys and babies and SO much more

Image.ashxI’m thrilled to be able to say I read a great book today: Three River Ranch by Roxanne Snopek.

I’m thrilled to say this on a couple levels. Reading a great book is always a thrill, but Roxanne is also a friend of mine. We “met” via an online voice  course taught by the amazing Barbara Samuel and then hooked up in person at the Surrey International Writers Conference a couple years running. Roxanne even did some (excellent) work for my copywriting business.

Naturally, I was happy and excited for her when I heard she’d signed a two-book deal with Entangled Publishing. I promised to read and review her book when it released last fall.

Only I didn’t.

Life happened. Work and family obligations. I read a grand total of three book between September and December. Shameful I know. All were choices for my book club. I felt terrible for not supporting my friend. And you know how it goes. The more time goes by, the more sheepish you feel. The harder it is to get in touch.

Come the New Year and I finally got my reading groove back on. A two week holiday in Mexico helped enormously. I didn’t dive into Three River Ranch, first I confess. I was still feeling guilty, and now, after all this time what if I didn’t like it? TRR was getting smashing reviews on Amazon and Roxanne really didn’t really need me. And to be honest, short form contemporary romance isn’t really my thing.

So I read a couple big, meaty historicals– my usual metier, along with thrillers. Poked into a couple of post-apoc novels because I’ve had an idea of my own in that genre nagging at me and wanted to see what’s been done.

But today I was ready for something new, and there was Three River Ranch on my Kindle.

I started this morning and couldn’t stop until I was done. I’m VERY sorry I waited so long to read it.

This is a terrific book. Roxanne took familiar romance tropes–the cowboy romance and the marriage of convenience–and turned them on their ear.The writing was tight with some wonderful turns of phrase and laugh-out-loud moments. The developing relationship between the two, strong main characters is totally believable as are the obstacles between them.

I was so happy to be able to post an honest four star review for it here .

Even more delighted to see a follow-up book is out now, His Reluctant Rancher.

I won’t wait so long this time to read it!