“Watch this” Wednesday: Revenge of the Rejected

Rejection letters are one of the soul-crushing realities of life as a writer.

Per all the wisdom of the interwebs, we’re to take them with a grain of salt. It’s only one person’s opinion, after all. A proper writer doesn’t wallow in despair.

A proper writer is grateful for the rejection. It has freed us to find that one agent or publisher out there who really gets us and will fight passionately for our story. Our book’s soul mate.  And look, this reject-er was kind enough to bullet everything wrong with our story, so that we might rewrite it in a way more pleasing to them and potential marketing departments. So many blessings in one short email or letter.

Yeah, right. Here’s what we really want to do:

This great clip, featuring Dylan Moran as Bernard Black, is from the British TV show Black Books that ran a few years back in the U.K. Very funny.