Stocking the Kindle

I’m way behind in my goal to read 52 books this year. Back in the day, I’d read three times that number. (Oh to have that pre-offspring time back again.)

In a couple of weeks, I’m hitting the road with my mother-in-law’s ancient, but serviceable, trailer for our first-ever family camping trip. (Yes I know purists say camping=tenting. I say tenting=dirt.) I plan to curl up on the roomy sofa in the old rig and catch up on my quota.

So I’ve been stocking up my Kindle. Here are my latest additions:

CRAZY PEOPLEThe stories in this collection were the impetus for bestseller Jennifer Crusie’s novel Crazy For You (2000). I loved Crusie’s earliest romances best, so I can’t wait to read this.

Writers will also be interested in the appendices. In A, Crusie shares how 26 sentences become a full short story. B is a 50% shorter version of one of the stories that ran in Redbook Magazine. C and D show the proposal version of Chapter One that St. Martin’s bought the book on and the version that made it into print.

Sure to be a good writing lesson as well as a good read.

I also picked up two freebies this month* that I’m excited to read.

TRIAL JUNKIESTrial Junkies is a mystery/thriller by Robert Gregory Browne, a writer who first hit my radar via the Murderati author blog. This is his first foray into self-publishing after five thrillers with publishers like Dutton and St. Martin’s.

The Bro-Magnet (A Nice Guy Romance) by Lauren Baratz-Logsted is one I read some buzz about online and decided to try. The premise sounds fun. Baratz-Logsted is another author venturing into self-publishing after 22 books on the traditional path.

I also paid $18.13 for The Measure of A Man. A literary novel! I felt strong-armed. It’s too much. (I hardly ever bought hardcovers either.) But it’s my book club’s selection and the wait for this Governor General Award nominee at the library is lengthy. Hope it’s worth it. The first chapter excerpt won me over against my will.

What’s new on your e-reader or bookshelf?

* I feel vaguely guilty for downloading freebies. The truth is, I think I’m spending less on books since getting my Kindle. Which is good in one way, but not so good from my perspective as a writer. I enjoy supporting authors. Do you find all the freebies are making you spend less on books, too?