Must-read words for writing moms

Photo: Wikipedia

Confession: I have a girl crush on Maggie Stiefvater. And not just for the mad writing skills that put her books on the NYT bestseller list. Shiver by Maggie Stiefvater

At only 31, she’s also an accomplished musician, and an award-winning, internationally-collected artist. She can do this with a Sharpie in a little more than an hour.

Yeah, I’m feeling kind of inadequate right now, too.

She’s also a mom and a wise woman, which she proved with her latest blog post that made me fall for her all over again, despite my crippling jealousy. Here’s a snippet.

Women. There is a lot of guilt associated with taking time for your career versus spending time nurturing children. Every time you leave the house and the kids have a babysitter or a substandard dinner or no bedtime story, our culture screams at us for being bad mothers. But guess what. Working mothers are not bad mothers. Women who have a sense of self-identity, either through a career or through a home-based activity, are women that kids respect. My father was on an air craft carrier for six months out of the year when I was a kid. I adored him and still do, and what’s more — I’m pretty much just like him. So it’s not the amount of time you spend sitting in the presence of your kids. It’s how you use that time.

You can read the full post on her blog. Scroll down a few paragraphs, past the drumming display (sigh) to get to her advice for working moms.

See Maggie’s art on her Flickr stream.

Definitely girl crush material.