“Watch this” Wednesday: An invocation for beginnings

Are you facing the blank page? Stuck in that “terrible place between zero and one?” Then watch this:

Who is that guy, anyway? That’s Ze Frank, humorist and social commentator. His The Show—a Daily Show-ish web series—debuted in March 2006 and ran for exactly one year, garnering a loyal following and a talent agent for Frank.

This video aired April 9, 2012 to launch Frank’s new web series—dubbed A Show—which was funded by his fans through a very successful Kickstarter campaign. He set out to raise $50K to cover the cost of a new camera/mic setup and help with video editing. Instead, he raised $150K.

Similar to his other projects, Frank’s new series is a collaboration between him and his audience. Catch up with other episodes of A Show here.

(I originally saw this video on author Alison Kent’s website, and knew I had to find out more about Frank.)