Friday Freewrite

I’m trying to get back on track with daily writing, after too much time spent on client work, blog updating, twittering, and surfing “for research.”

Oh yeah, and that whole life thing.

Meanwhile the writing suffers. I’ve got three projects in various states of undress. A WWII-set novella, a short contemporary romance novel (tentatively targeted at Harlequin) and my nanowrimo book (a 100K historical adventure/romance).

The characters from all three projects are still cluttering up my mind, still compelling. Right now they’re also frustratingly content to sit up there, like sullen patrons in an afternoon bar, hunched over their drinks. There’s a meathead in the corner smoking and my characters are lost to me sometimes behind the haze. Down in the basement, the girls are sulking, too.

It’s time to get in there and pull them out into the light again. Get some caffeine into them.

Time to get to work.

But the words don’t come easy after too much time away from a project.

Exercise your story-telling muscles

Sometimes a fun, no-pressure writing exercise is just the ticket to get my creative juices flowing again.

Do you want to join me?

Your mission, if you choose to accept it, is to free write for 15 minutes with the photo as your jump start. Don’t worry about where it takes you. Keep your pen moving or the keyboard clicking. When your timer goes off, stop.

(Click photo for a larger version.)

If you’re brave, share with us. (It’s not cheating to distill what you wrote down to the best idea and give it a polish for posting. A quick polish or you’re just procrastinating again.)

To me, the girl is the heroine of my story, lying down on the path, refusing to forge ahead.

What is she to you? Who is she to you? Where is she going? Where has she come from?