Authors raise voices against PayPal censorship

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I’m glad to see more authors speaking out against PayPal’s attempts at censorship. Erotica writer Remittance Girl had this to say today on Dear Author’s PayPal Fiction Crackdown Roundup:

You need to grasp this, all of you. Fictional representations of crimes are NOT illegal. The only possible exception to this are fictional representations of underage sex. And even THIS is not illegal in as much as there is no law on the books that includes textual depictions. Otherwise, there goes Lolita and The Tin Drum, and The Lover, by Marguerite Duras.

This is about a plutocracy who have decided that they have the power to impose their moral code onto the literature sold under their purview. If they could refuse to process sales of Lolita, or The Lover or Equus, they would. But those texts are sold under Classic or literary fiction. And that would make them look like philistines; the press would screech about it.

But they know that no one is going to stand up in defense of ‘Debbie Does Daddy’. This is not about the law. It is about a moral agenda and the people with the money and the power to push it through.

Hear, hear, Remittance Girl. Read what else she has to say on her own blog.

Will you add your voice to the chorus?


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