SiWC 2011 – Squeaked in on the early-bird deal!

I just clicked send on my registration for the Surrey International Writers Conference, October 21-23. Three days of writing immersion! Also signed up for a Thursday master class with the amazing Diana Gabaldon.

This is my third year attending and I can’t wait! It’s one of the best conferences going. This year, even though I live less than a 20-minute drive away, I’m staying at the hotel for the full experience. (And a break from my duties as domestic goddess–but don’t tell my man.)

There’s still a couple of hours left (in my time zone, anyway) to catch the early bird special!

Who else is going?


2 Comments on “SiWC 2011 – Squeaked in on the early-bird deal!”

  1. Ace Baker says:

    I agree totally, Sheri! It’s hard for non-writers to understand how a writing conference can be an exhausting, thrilling, roller coaster ride, but it is! For those of us who love to put pen to paper, it is a highlight. I’m Ace Baker, by the way, and I’m pitching 2 picture books, 2 chapter books, and 2 novels at this year’s conference (and picking up an award on the first night too!). Have fun in your class with Diana; she’s brilliant!

    • Sheri Hart says:

      Hey Ace!
      Thanks for visiting. I’ll keep an eye out for you at the conference. Kudos on the award. Sounds like you have a thing or two to teach about getting to “THE END”.

      I took a short class with DG last year, and am looking forward to her longer session. I’m a HUGE fan.

      Hope to see you there!